Monday, August 10, 2015

Benefits of Silica Gel Chromatography

Chromatography is a more popular method which is used in several laboratories and industries for separating several components of a mixture or solution. It is precisely used for separating complex components that have more or less similar chemical and physical properties. Silica gel chromatography is a process which is increasingly popular due to the benefits it gives. Silica gel is a good quality desiccant that is used extensively in chromatography for separation of chemical due to its exceptional water adsorption properties. 

Even though there are many other famous desiccants such as activated alumina and molecular sieves silica gel is the usually used one because it has the high absorbing capacity. They are also very reasonable as compared to other famous desiccants. Further, its high adsorption nature and its cost silica gel are also extremely quick in its performance because as it absorbs moisture very quickly inside the packaging unit. It is unnecessary to say that silica gel chromatography for chemical separation is easier and simpler process for extrication components inside a given mixture.

Advantages of Silica Gels for Chromatography 

Benefits of Silica Gel Chromatography
Silica gel is known as an adsorbent that is used in various mesh sizes and is chosen on the basis of the water content which is there in the complexity and solution of the mixture. The size of the adsorbent involves the solvent’s flow all through the column chromatography procedure. The colored estranged compounds that are available in these desiccants are preordained to indicate the failure or success of the chromatography process. As soon as this procedure comes to a conclusion, the silica gel beads tend to change their color to know whether the moisture substance is dried up or it is not dried up. 

Few of the More Benefits Include:

•Best choosing of particle size for optimizing the competence
•Large surface area.
•Bulk quantities available and No scale-up limitations for large scale applications.
•Exceptional quality due to our closely restricted manufacturing process.
•Reproducible properties (physical, chemical, and structural).
•No scale-up limitation.
•There is less trace metal content.
•Controlled content for water level.
•High surface area and Neutral pH.
•No increased back-pressure or No clogging. 
•No particles going through contaminating final product and the filter.
•More stable, regular and reproducible chromatography.
•Quicker and more flow rate for good separation.
•There will be only improvement without any extra cost for you.
•Consistent and Reproducible retention for permitting straight scale up from industries  and laboratories through diverse process applications.

Applications Used For Silica Gel Chromatography:

• Steroids
• Organic compounds
• Dyes
• Amino acids
• Phenolic compounds
• Alkaloids
• Pharmaceutical intermediates